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SolPol combines the existing scientific and industrial expertise in the field of solar energy and polymer technologies in Austria and offers a tremendous potential for solar technology developments.

current projects:

SolPol-6:    This project is aimed at developing customized and eco-efficient polyolefin materials for solar and sustainable energy technologies. Key topics of SolPol-6 are circular economy friendly technologies and development of tailor-made, functional polyolefins and hybrid laminates.

previous projects:

SolPol-4/5:    This project is based on a vast expertise in solar-thermal and polymer research, and by applying a science-driven approach guided by industrial experience, SolPol-4/5 aims at the design, modelling, production and testing of novel plastics-based collectors systems. The focus is on both, low-cost pumped systems and high-quality non-pumped integrated storage systems.
SolPol-3:    This project is designed as industrial research and aims at the development of novel polymeric encapsulation materials that improve PV module service performance, while simultaneously reducing material and processing costs. The material innovations primarily include cell embedding and backsheet materials for rigid and flexible PV modules.
SolPol-2:    This project refers to Part 2 of two associated projects and covers industrial research topics. In close relation to the associated fundamental research project SolPol-1, SolPol-2 aims at the design, modelling, production and testing of novel plastics based model-collectors and the development of new polymer compounds for specific solar-thermal applications.
SolPol-1:    This project refers to Part 1 of two associated projects and addresses some basic scientific and methodological aspects and requirements for the development of novel plastics based thermal collector systems, including an assessment of ecological and economical impacts of such collector systems upon market penetration.